Remix #2 (Audio): Jingle Jangle Tutorial

Step 1:  Write the Script

All projects start with a good script.  This script, while not my best, was fun to write from the perspective of a dog.  I was inspired, of course, by the cutest puppy in the world!

Step 2: Pick the Background Music

I believe that this step is just as important as the script.  I wanted to make sure that the music not only fit the tone of the project, but that it had meaning to the subject as well.  Jordan LOVES Adele, so her song “Someone Like You” was a natural fit.  I chose an instrumental version of the song to enhance, but not detract, from the voice over.

Step 3:  Choose the Program & Record

I used , an open-source program to create Jordan’s Audio Mix.  I have used this program before to edit narration and audio for movies that I make for my classroom.  This is the first time that I have actually played with the effect options within the program.

First, I need to disclose that I am a female and I have made several voice recordings for multimedia projects.  The feedback I have received from my videos usually focuses on how the narrator’s voice (mine) is the part that makes the video.  With that in my head, I decided to keep my voice normal with added inflections for excitement and emphasis within the text.  I then went to effects and began to experiment.  The first option I tried was GVerb – not a good I idea as I sounded like a Cyborg!  I then experimented with pitch and bass boost.  Nope, didn’t work, time to re-record.

Step 3:  The Finished Product

So after all of the trial and error, I decided to try to imitate the pitch of a male voice and then lower the pitch.  This worked.  I played around with the levels, and soon realized that I needed to put an echo on the voice to make the track more exciting.  Naturally, I tried the echo affect, but that sounded like I had put my voice into a blender and hit the crush button.  Yuck!  After playing for some time with the length of the echo, I finally, found the right length (as short as it could go) and got that booming, projecting voice that I was striving for – at least somewhat!


1.  Write Your Script

2.  Choose Your Background Music

3.  Choose Your Audio Software – I recommend Audacity

4.  Record your Script

5. Play with Effects

6. Play with Effects

7. Play with Effects

8. Play with Effects

9.  Realize you sound like a Cyborg

10.  Re-record

11. Play with Effects

12.  Finally Figure Out the Right Mix

13.  Add music and export as a .wav file!

That’s it!  Hope you have as much fun as I did!


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3 Responses to Remix #2 (Audio): Jingle Jangle Tutorial

  1. Brandon Standing says:

    Your audio remix makes me happy. Great job.

  2. d cro says:

    Good work here too in laying out the steps to completing the project. I think someone could legitimately follow this without too much trouble…

  3. tabitharoper says:

    So freakin’ hysterical! Plus I love Adele! Awesome job…as always! I have to say, I am not intimidated by your deep voice:)

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