My Teaching Life

The Images
What is my day like as a teacher?  That’s a complicated question for any teacher to answer.  We would all say that our job is to educate the minds of the future, but the reality of being a teacher goes so much farther!  The images I chose go so much farther.

In the top left and bottom middle, is a picture of students collaborating on an assignment.  I am a firm believer in collaboration that has partner’s working together to enhance and redefine the content.  If you were to walk into my room on any given day, you would see collaboration in process; From the seating chart, to activities.

Etowah, the school I am proud to call my education home, is depicted in the upper left, middle, and lower right.  The picture at the top in the middle is one of Etowah High School’s September 11th Memorial.  For the past year, I have been an active member of the committee that made the memorial – and its legacy of service – possible.  I am also the 9th grade T.A.A. (Teacher’s as Advisors) Chair, Technology Committee Member, and B.A.L.D. (bring a learning device) Pilot Teacher.  What many outside of education do not realize is that teacher’s do not just “teach” – we are responsible for so much more than our classrooms.

The upper right photo depicts a mix of collaboration and technology.  Students are learning new and exciting ways in which the little device that they usually must keep in their pockets can be used in the classroom.  I am loving the way that the things we normally do in the classroom become exciting extensions of the content.

The bottom left is the cover art that I use for all of my custom classroom videos. I love making videos that connect our texts to pop culture.  From British Literature Romanticism, Edgar Allan Poe, and Grammar, my videos bring the classroom to a visual wonderland.

The Editing
I chose the collage layout so that I  could incorporate enough pictures to truly give a glimpse into my teacher life.  The next step was to round the edges of the pictures.  This is intended to show the way my day continually shapes itself to the needs of my students, parents, colleagues, and administrators.  Purple can be found surrounding the photos.  Purple reminds me that we all are connected regardless of the things that make us different (religion, race, sex, etc.)

I chose to not edit the pictures any further, because I am a straight-forward person who likes to appear just as I am, with no polishing or editing to make myself appear as something I am not. Just ask my students who often shake their heads in amusement as my fellow English teacher’s and I have a dance party in the hallway to start our day!!


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5 Responses to My Teaching Life

  1. d cro says:

    Nice work here, especially in your elaboration as to the meaning of each element. Thanks.

  2. wewalker95 says:

    I love the collage effect to represent the different aspects of your teaching. Your love for students and teaching certainly comes across in your photo.

  3. amcfarlan14 says:

    I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into daily teaching routines! I enjoy seeing the students working together as well as the many different ways you allow them to learn. I also can tell that you have a great sense of pride in Etowah High School, your School Home!

  4. crumpscorner says:

    What I liked most about your post is how you effectively explained the life of the teacher and the numerous hats we wear. Sounds like you have a couple more than the rest of us! Enjoyed your work.

  5. dametra07 says:

    Love the collage effect Heather. The pictures you have chosen represents and illustrates your love for your school, profession, and students.

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